Keys to the flat!

After much waiting, we finally received the keys to our new flat at the Handelskade.  The building is called de Lunet, but the address is Kaapstander and the development is the Handelskade – confusing! We are on the 7th floor and look west to the Oversteek bridge and north to Lent. We have 3 bedrooms so now guests don’t have to sleep in the office.  The flat also has underfloor heating and 2 toilets.  Since it is a ‘shell’, we are responsible for laying the floor, installing lighting and painting the walls.  We’ve decided on laminate and we’re using the same supplier as Jessica and Iain who are moving in to an identical floor plan but on the 2nd floor. All appliances are included in the rental but we have to buy a washer and dryer.  We have lost a garage but now have a ‘kelder’ or lockup room in the basement and a parking space underground.  We’ll just have to fit it all in!

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