A visit to our prospective new flat

Since our landlord wants to sell the flat we are currently renting, I began looking for alternatives last summer.  We had been to see the new development at the Handelskade with a view to buying a flat. However, the floor plan that we liked had sold out and we decided it was a lot of money to spend on something we didn’t ‘love’.  Then I found out that the development would also have 8 floors of flats to rent in the same building.  We applied in October and we were allocated our first choice of floor plan!  The floor plan is one of the biggest (3 bedrooms, 117m) and has a terrace leading from the living room that overlooks the harbour and the Oversteek bridge.  The bedrooms face the Waal River and each room has access to the wrap round terrace.  We’ll get the sun on the main terrace in the late afternoon and see beautiful sunsets over the bridge in the summer – and be able to watch all barges and boats travel up to the Rhine, as well as the trains crossing into Nijmegen.

At this stage we hadn’t actually seen the physical floor plan, only on paper. So, me, Denise, Anita and Ian (who is also renting the same floor plan) went along to the Open House. The place is still a building site but it was exciting to see it all coming to life.  Expected move-in date has now been pushed back to mid-May which is disappointing but means more time to pack!

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