Cuenta – 22nd to 24th December

We had a tapas lunch near the Plaza del Torico before leaving for Cuenta.

Our first Parador of the trip was in a former monastery.  We paid a bit extra to have a room with a view of the famous ‘hanging houses’ of Cuenca and it was well worth it. To reach the old town, we had to cross the Puente de San Pablo a rickety metal bridge that spans the valley.  We had 2 nights here and had paid for half board.  Unfortunately the restaurant, although a splendid room, was very quiet and I don’t know where everyone else ate at night!  The food was OK but not very exciting and after eating mostly tapas in the evening in Valencia, just too heavy.

On our first full day we explored the old town and especially liked the Cathedral which was built in 12thC.  It had many side chapels, reliquaries and the sacristy had fantastic carved reliefs on the cupboard doors. The view from the back of the Cathedral of our parador was great. We walked through the town to the highest point and had a few drinks in the sunshine.

I had taken a photo of a ceramic plaque advertising Hendricks Gin outside a bar, La Edad de Oro and later that night we returned to find it stocked over 300 gins!  They also had 12 or so different tonics.


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