Valencia Day 4

We visited  the Cervellon Palace. Fernando VII signed the Constitution here in 1812, as did María Cristina her abdication. Isabel II also lodged here, and it has been the centre of many important events.

Then on to the Beaux Arts Museum to see their collection of Sorallas.  They don’t have so many considering he was a local and many of his best beach scenes were painted around Javea which we were going to visit later in our trip.  Madrid has the best work housed in his own home and which we visited last year.

Late afternoon and time for a horchata at Horchateria.   We were quite familiar with Mexican horchata in California but apparently it is made from rice while in Spain,  it is made from tigernuts,  Originally from Valencia, the idea of making horchata from yellow nutsedge (tigernuts) comes from the period of Muslim presence in Valencia (from the eighth to 13th centuries). It is often served with fartons which we also tried.  The shop was covered in tiles inside and out.

We returned to the City of Arts & Science to take some photos of the buildings at dusk.

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