Visit to John & Therese in Boulogne, France – 9th October

John and Therese were due a visit especially since they had been able to take back many of the bottles of wine etc that Bill had received for this birthday in Edinburgh.  Just 4hrs drive and we arrived early evening on Friday.

Next day we went to the market in Boulogne and Therese bought a huge fish for Sunday lunch.  We also had lunch in a small restaurant which was fantastic value for money.  Then we walked up to the Mairie and looked at the temporary gardens in the square.  The theme was paintings of Heronymus Bosch!  So inventive and the plants are changed as they die off.  The council would like to have a permanent garden in the square but the shop keepers are not keen!

Of course we had to visit the local wine merchant and Carrefour to stock up our car!

Sunday we drove to the beach for a walk in the sunshine and returned for a delightful lunch of fish on the terrace.

On our way back to Nijmegen we stopped in to visit Poperinge and Ypres but didn’t have much time for more than a coffee and a wander. Next time …

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