A trip to Dalfsen, Ommen and Kampen – 3rd and 4th October

The weather was forecast to be lovely and as it might have been the last nice weekend before winter, I found a hotel in an area we hadn’t been to.  The hotel was Mooierivier which means lovely river and it is on the banks of the river Vechte, west of Zwolle in the heart of the province of Overijssel in the eastern Netherlands..

We caught the train to Zwolle and then on to Dalfsen. Then we cycled with our Bromptons to the hotel.  After checking in we cycled to Ommen which was half an hour from the hotel and is also a Hanseatic city like Zwolle. It was officially founded as a city in 1248.

We wandered around but it didn’t have that many historical buildings so we had a quick visit to the Tin Figurine Museum. Then back to the hotel for a drink on the nice terrace before dinner.

The next day it was very foggy but after midday it began to lift and we cycled from Dalfsen to Zwolle and used an automated bike ferry to get to the other side of the river. Then lunch in Zwolle where a beer festival was taking place and on to Kampen along the bike path on the polder.  Everyone was out enjoying the weather and we will return to Kampsen as there were many interesting buildings and museums to visit.

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