Ashland, Day 2

The ‘boys’ went skiing at Mount Ashland, just half an hour from downtown.  Not many runs but very difficult and steep so good for expert skiers like Bill.  It was pretty hairy on the access road to the resort – even though the road had been cleared, it was snowing so heavily, it was covered again.

Myself, Debra and Anne went to Chozu for a Japanese bath and massage. Set in a little cottage with a big outdoor pool and some smaller pools for couples.  It started to rain but wasn’t a problem!  Then we had lunch downtown and then back to the hotel for a rest.

That evening we went for a meal at Chateaulin, which has been our favourite for ages.  It was good but not up to the usual quality since it changed hands.  Then on for a night cap at Martinos in the upstairs bar – where all the actors hang out after a show.

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