The Illusionist and Pizza

Saw The Illusionist this evening and it made me homesick for Edinburgh!  By the director of “Triplets of Belleville”, it’s an animated feature based on a Jacques Tati story.  We’re not fans of Tati but this was like a homage to him.  The atmosphere of the 1950’s Edinburgh was beautifully done and we had fun afterwards deciding on where the different settings were.

We also tried Pizza Napoletana in Mountain View.  The chef/owner studied pizza making in Italy and uses Italian flour and a wood fired oven. The pizzas only take 90  seconds to cook but since he only does one at a time, it’s definitely not fast food.  The toppings are Italian style rather than the overloaded American ones.

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One Response to The Illusionist and Pizza

  1. Mr Bill says:

    Yeah, but then we saw Fish Tank and don’t feel homesick anymore !.

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