Carry le Rouet – Day 2

There was a sea-urchin festival taking place in Carry le Rouet a town about 30minutes along the coast. Just had to check it out!

The train runs along the Cote de Bleu and passes through L’Estaque where Cezanne, amongst others, painted. It seemed very industrial from the train! However, further on, the coast began to look just like California’s.

The festival isn’t all about sea-urchins (fortunately) and there were lots of other stalls selling paella, lobsters, oysters and fish stew as well as arts and craft stalls. Most of the French were buying large plats du mer, a bottle of wine and finding a spot at one of the communal tables or just sitting on the quay.  It would have been lovelier if there hadn’t been a bitterly cold wind (or Mistral).

We skipped the food and headed along the coastal walk. We finished at a restaurant which had a little balcony where we drank some rose wine. In the end, we decided to have a late lunch and it was very nice.

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