Marseille, Day 1

A cheap Ryanair ticket from Eindhoven to Marseille to hopefully find some sun.  We did find sun but unfortunately also a cold wind.

Hotel was right next to the train station and I’d paid extra for a terrace but we didn’t really get to spend much time there.

There’s been a lot of money spent on new buildings, museums and infrastructure recently because Marseille was European Capital of Culture in 2013.  It’s still a big city with the usual problems (too much litter!) but there were some really nice areas now. We enjoyed exploring the Panier district just behind the Vieux Port which has narrow lanes leading to little plazas.

The Beaux Arts Museum had a very nice art collection, and just the right size. My favourites were two self portraits from around 1613. One artist was Flemish and the other German and they look so alike they could be brothers. Apparently they knew other so it’s fairly obvious the German copied the other’s style!

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