Antwerp at Easter

Bill only had Easter Monday off work so we travelled by train (and bus since there was railwork in Belgium) t0 to Antwerp on Saturday.  Two  nights at the Crown Plaza on the outskirts of town but there was a frequent bus outside the hotel and hotel was a good deal.

Rented bikes from the hotel one day, and explored the city and  cycled under the Scheldt River in the pedestrian tunnel built in 1932. Went mad photographing the beautiful Belle Epoch houses in the Zorenborg area! Found a great bar Bacchus (my favourite brand of beer!) and enjoyed a new beer, Casteel Rouge. The other, we went to the Our Lady Cathedral where they are exhibiting many 16th Century altarpiece paintings that were originally painted for the Cathedral as well as the famous Rubens. Also visited the nice small Museum Mayer van de Bergh which has a collection of Brueghels. Had a lovely dinner at trendy Fiskebar in Marnixplaats.

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