Santa Cruz Mountains to the Sea

Cate is visiting from London and we are the next to last stop on her round the world trip.

Her first day after arriving we drove in my Miata to the Wilder Ranch at Santa Cruz to walk along the ocean path.  We stopped in to Boulder Creek on our drive back and I was surprised to find that it was much bigger than I expected yet so close to Santa Cruz.

Friday, Bill took a half day and we planned a day at the coast and an evening at Don Q’s on the way home.

First stop was Burrell Winery situated in the grounds of a former school.  We’ve bought friends here before as it’s a nice setting and the wine’s not bad too.  I was the only one ‘tasting’ today so we pushed onto Capitola.  We found a parking space and amazingly we met a work colleague of Bill’s at the meter! We strolled through the small town to the beach front and it was full of families since it was a pretty warm day.

Then to Santa Cruz for a drink and eats at our favourite place, Kitchen & Cocktails before driving to Felton.  Cate wanted to see some redwoods so we stopped in at Henry Cowell State Park and then went to find the covered bridge that Cate had read about in a tourist brochure.

We’d seen that a fun sounding band were playing at Don Q’s – the Purple Ones, a prince tribute.  Unfortunately they’d arrived late and were still doing the sound check when most of the audience had arrived. Nevertheless they were fun to watch (as were some of the audience).

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