Ashland for theatre and ski

Our semi-annual trip to catch a few shows and for Bill to get some skiing.  We drove up with Anne Gregory since Andy wasn’t able to join us.

Debra and Paul had already checked in a day early to the Plaza Suites and we caught up with them at our favourite restaurant, the Loft.  We were keen to try the Columbia River sturgeon that they had on special and we were very pleased! Then on to watch King Lear at the New Theatre. Unfortunately it’s a long play and I find it difficult to sit still for so long!

Friday, Debra, Anne and myself headed to Chozu Gardens for a soak and massage while Bill and Paul headed for the slopes.  That night we tried out a new place, Winchester House which is also a B&B.  Looked really fancy but the service was not pretentious and we all raved about the food and ambiance. It’s now on our list of favourite places!

Saturday we went for a walk in Lithia Park. I hadn’t realized how large it was.  Great lunch sitting outside in the sun at Sesame Asian Kitchen which is adjacent to Lithia Park.

The play that night was Taming of the Shrew and it had been adapted to the late 1950’s era and a seaside location.  Again, very good and especially the rock and roll costumes.

Sunday, Bill went skiing with Karen, Rich’s sister who’s recently moved to Ashland.  Down at town level the day was overcast and drizzly. But looking at the photos, Bill is high above the clouds and in brillian sunshine! The snow was the best of the weekend.


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