Santa Cruz

Since Bill had worked on Thanksgiving Day, we decided to take off Monday instead and I was fortunate to find a special offer at a Santa Cruz hotel.  The Dream Inn is right on the beach and we lucked out with the weather as it was beautiful and warm (not always the case in November).  The view is fantastic and we left the balcony door open at night to hear the ocean waves lull us to sleep.  Ate at the lovely restaurant and then swam in the pool, sat in the hot tub and then sat on the beach!  The water was too cold to swim(it always is!).

That evening we went to Moe’s Ally and saw New Riders of the Purple Sage, an old 1960’s band whose members were still going strong! Met a nice couple who’d seen them in the 60’s but there were plenty of ‘younger’ people in the crowd too. In fact, we didn’t get to bed until 1.30am!

Next morning there was a bank of fog on the coast but it burned off in time to have lunch on the deck of the Harbor Cafe where I needed a Bloody Mary to go with my snapper.

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