Paris – 7th to 11th October

Arrived at Paris from Koblenz late afternoon and it was a 15 minute walk to the Hotel Aida Marais on the Rue du Chateau d’Eau near the Place de la Republique. Room was small but it had everything we needed especially a kettle!  There was a lovely bakery next to the hotel so we would pop down in the morning to get breakfast.

We visited the Cluny Museum on the Left Bank which has a great collection of medieval art including loads of tapestries of which the most famous is the Lady and the Unicorn series.  The Museum is housed in an old Abbey which was built on top of 1st century Roman baths.

We also re-visited the Louvre and Orsay Museums.  We were most impressed by the Sainte Chapelle stained glass even though it was an overcast day.  We wanted to try a Mauritius restaurant near the Pere Lachaise cemetary so we had a quick look at Jim Morrison and Oscar Wildes’ graves.  Also went to the Panthenon.  Re-visited Pramil, a restaurant on the Rue Verbois that we’d really liked last time but discovered it had been ‘discovered’ by Americans.  I think our favourite meal was at the Algerian restaurant next door, Chez Alain, which we’d also been to before.  Great lamb tagine with couscous and not expensive.

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