Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo

We had two nights in the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, near Avila Beach.  We were able to cycle along the Bob Jones Trail directly from the hotel to the beach which was really nice. Excellent breakfast place on the trail.

Our suite had a jacuzzi on our patio but it was non-sulphur water so no smell but also no health benefits unfortunately.  Cycled to Pismo Beach just along the road but it wasn’t so nice. Stopped off at The Cliffs Resort for a pick me up of a late lunch and a drink. Lovely views from the bar terrace.

The old pier (one of 3) at Avila had some a very unafraid pelican which allowed me to take its photo.  Great to see one up close.

An annular eclipse took place on Sunday night and we drove up to a hill behind the hotel and lucked out when a guy with a telescope invited us to join him in watching the eclipse. We provided our metallic car sun shade for the projection screen!  Unfortunately we were too close to the coast to see the complete ‘ring of fire’ effect but it was still pretty cool.

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